Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Show #12!

Show #12 of the Summerhill Gang is FINALLY here! We know you have all been waiting for it...We have some great stuff for you this time! We talk about the returns of 24, American Idol and Heroes and also talk about TV shows returning soon like The Amazing Race and Survivor. Also, we have a classic Seinfeld episode presented in our 60 Second Sitcom segment (say that 20 times fast!). In Music we talk about the Beatles going to Vegas and in Movies we review Rocky Balboa, Thank You for Smoking, The Good Shepherd and Mean Girls. Plus, Doug gets mad at Jamie for not having seen Shawshank Redemption. Pens were flying! Check out Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr. in our Best of the Web Segment and check out our answers for the Pop Culture Confessional. It's all right here in show #12...Enjoy!

Show Links

The Superbowl is coming and Doug's team, the Chicago Bears, are playing for the first time in over 20 years. Check out the latest on the upcoming game at

TV Links
24 is back and better than ever! Check out an article over at E Online and also one over at Zap2It about the 4 hour premiere.

American Idol is also back. We just love the auditions!
You can watch Steven Thoen's Bohemian Crapsody over at YouTube.
Also, check out this article about AI premiering to over 37 million viewers.

The Amazing Race: All Stars premieres on February 1st.
You can meet the cast over at the CBS website.

Survivor: Fiji hits the air on February 8th.
You can meet the cast of that show, also at CBS.

You can watch the Producer's Cut of "The Return" episode of The Office over at NBC's website.

Also at NBC, get caught up on all of the greatness that is Heroes. Are you on the list?

In other TV news:
See a list of the Golden Globe winners here...
See how Studio 60 is getting a bump from DVRs over here...
Read about Lost possibly ending in 2008 over here...
And check out the news that NBC picked up Heroes early for more episodes...

Music Links
In this show we talked about the new Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas based on the music of the Beatles. Check out information on the show, buy the CD of music from the show and listen to the Bob Boilen interview with Giles Martin on NPR.

Movie Links
Read about how Netflix is going to stream movies on the Internet.
You make the choice....Netflix or Blockbuster.

Check out the Academy Award nominations announced this week. Has anyone seen any of these movies? Call or write us with a review...

Jamie reviewed Rocky Balboa and The Good Shepherd. Check out an interview that NPR did with Sylvester Stallone about making Rocky Balboa.

Doug reviewed Thank You for Smoking and Mean Girls.

Best of the Web
Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr. were recently elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Check out their version of David Letterman's Top Ten.

Pop Culture Confessional
This week: When flipping channels on TV, what movie will you stop and watch even though you own it on DVD?

Doug's Pick: Shawshank Redemption and Back to the Future.

Jamie's Pick: Any of the Back to the Future movies. Check out the original trailer from the first movie.

New question: What movie or TV show do you secretly hate that everyone loves?

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