Monday, August 25, 2008

Show #33: Watch out for the Trunk Monkey!

We are finally back from a long vacation with Show #33. There's plenty to talk about, so check out the podcast and look at the notes below. Watch out for those earworm songs, they will get stuck in your head...

Show Links

That darn Trunk Monkey will sneak up on you.
Here's a montage of the Suburban Auto Group ads...

Comic-Con comes to San Diego every July.
Crazy costumes, movie and TV stars and lots and lots of people!
Check out the madness...

The Random Top 5 List
A new segment that we added in this show...we will introduce a new top 5 list somewhere in the show. This time we gave our Top 5 Mascot Names.

Doug's Top 5
  1. Fisher H.S. Bunnies

  2. Any Olympic mascot

  3. Stanford Cardinal (Doug said "Crimson")

  4. Tennessee Volunteers (where's the mascot?)
  5. Montgomery Biscuits

Honorable Mention: Point Loma Nazarene Sea Lions

Jamie's Top 5
  1. Hoopeston H.S. Cornjerkers

  2. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

  3. Cobden H.S. Appleknockers

  4. San Benito H.S. Haybalers

  5. Campbell Fighting Camels


  • The TV landscape has been dominated by the Olympics in Beijing for the last two weeks. Much like our new superhero, Michael Phelps...
Bonus video: Check out this cool commercial for Nike...

Bonus video: Estelle starring opposite Sylvester Stallone in Stop or My Mom Will Shoot (1992)...


Weezer has a new album out. It has been getting a lot of play from the song "Pork and Beans." Check out their website for all of the cool songs they have had over the years. Our favorites include "Island in the Sun", "Buddy Holly", "Say It Ain't So" and "Beverly Hills." You can check out a live performance over at Yahoo. Also, the very funny video for "Pork and Beans" is over at YouTube.


Discussed in this show:

Pop Culture Confessional

Confession for what is your all-time favorite animated movie:
Trevor likes Finding Nemo...

This week's question is: What is your most despised "ear-worm" song?

Doug's Confession:
Yes, I am a slacker. I will have my confession ready for the next show.

Jamie's Confession:
Theme song from The Road Runner Show

Listener Confessions:

Christophe despises The Ting Tings and their song "Shut Up and Let Me Go".

Paula can't get "Handlebars" by Flobots out of her head.

Stacy wrote in to say that OMC's "How Bizarre" drives her crazy...

Jeff told us that "It's a Small World" is hard to erase from his mind...

PJB says of Rhianna's "Umbrella": "I hate that song." 'Nuff said...

New question: What is your favorite sports-themed movie?

Call or write to us and confess the movie that gets your competitive spirit going...

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Bonus Earworm song...."Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that..."

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