Saturday, April 21, 2007

Show #16!

It's about time! Sorry for being so late with this show, but with Easter, Spring Break and taxes, Summerhill Drive has been one busy place! Thanks for coming back and checking us out...
Another great show for you this week...Jamie has a hilarious story about a recent ski trip in which he's asked, "How's it hangin'?" Also, we chat about Easter and the Long Beach Grand Prix.
In TV we have quick hits about Heroes, Lost, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Jericho, Friday Night Lights, 'Til Death and Bob Barker. Also, we talk about Mark Burnett's new summer reality show, Pirate Master, and in our New to Us segment Jamie reviews House while Doug tells us about Thank God You're Here. In Movies we talk about Meet the Robinsons and look forward to Spider-Man 3, coming to theaters on May 4, 2007.
We have a hilarious new Pop Culture Confessional where we confess our messed up song lyrics and share feedback from some of our listeners.
It's all right here in show #16...what are you waiting for? Jump right in and enjoy all the pop culture goodness your brain can handle...

Show Links

This Week's Fun Commercial is a Polaroid ad for a camera called The Swinger from 1965. Check out the video at YouTube. Groovy, baby...

Want to become an expert skier like Jamie? Check out this classic short featuring a favorite cartoon character.

Are you hooked on The Gummy Bear Song? Check out the just can't get enough!

  • Heroes is back on April 23rd, 2007. Check out episodes over at NBC.
  • Lost is as awesome as ever! Only four more episodes until the season finale. You can watch episodes over at ABC.
  • Eight are left in Fiji on Survivor. We are voting for Yau Man to win it all!
  • We are looking forward to Mark Burnett's new reality show, Pirate Master, this summer. Check out the story and a video preview over at TV Guide.
  • The Amazing Race: All Stars is down to four teams. Check out episode recaps and video over at CBS.
  • We are about done with Jericho. Check out what we mean with episodes online.
  • Are you watching Friday Night Lights yet? You can watch the whole season online at NBC.
  • 'Til Death is a very funny show. The season finale has already aired, but you can check out the show over at FOX.
  • Want to say goodbye to Bob Barker? Post a 15 second video farewell over at CBS.
And in TV News you can use...

New To Us
Jamie reviewed House. This is Season 3 of the medical drama on FOX starring Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. The main character is complex, anti-social and brutally honest. There are suprising elements to the show, but ultimately the formula is predictable. You can check out episode recaps and selected video highlights over at the FOX website.

Doug reviewed Thank God You're Here. This is sketch comedy show airing on NBC. The show takes celebrities and dresses them up, pushes them through a door, and into a scene where they must react without a script. The show has some pretty funny moments, but we wish it was more unscripted to have all of the actors ad-lib their lines. It now moves to Wednesday nights with Heroes returning. Check out information on the show over at the NBC website.

Have you seen Meet the Robinsons yet? Doug rated it as RENT THE DVD while Jamie rated it slightly higher at MATINEE PRICE. This is a fun animated movie from Walt Disney Animation, now run by John Lasseter, from Pixar. The story is kind of like Jimmy Neutron and Robots meets Back to the Future and comes from the mind of William Joyce.

Spider-Man 3 hits theaters on May 4th, 2007. Check out the latest trailer giving us our first look at Spidey's new foe, VENOM!

Also, check out the latest on The Simpsons Movie, coming July 27th, 2007.

Pop Culture Confessional
This week: What song lyric did you think you knew that you later found out was really wrong?

Doug's pick: Manfred Mann's "Blinded By The Light" (covered by Bruce Springsteen)
Is he signing "wrapped up like a douche?"
See (and hear) for yourself in this classic video of Manfred Mann...

Jamie's pick: The Jimi Hendrix Experience with "Purple Haze"
Jimi must be singing "'scuse me while I kiss this guy..."
Check out Jimi ripping on the guitar in this classic video...

Our listeners had some great one's too! You have to listen to the will laugh until your sides hurt...
Thanks to:
Vince for suggesting the Bee Gees are singing "bald-headed woman" and Michael McDonald is belting out "the white man has the power"...
Christine for sharing about her friend who thinks that Steve Winwood is singing "bring me and Iron Lung"...
Mike for sharing the story of his sons who thought Garth Brooks was singing to us about shaving...
Stew for confessing about his fondness for Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" and a pink pair of dice...
and Trevor for presenting us with the great enunciation of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on "Parallel Universe"...

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

New question: What is your favorite song from a movie? Yes, it must be a song that was actually IN the movie.

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