Monday, June 04, 2007

Show #18!

The Summerhill Gang is finally back. It has been over 3 weeks since our last show, so we have plenty to talk about this time. The gang on Summerhill Drive is wrapping up the school year and heading into summer, where I am sure we will have plenty of BBQ and Street Ball action. This week we chat about the end of Little League and Softball seasons, Doug and family joining the mini-van revolution, a fabulous trip to Mexico to build houses over Memorial Day weekend, and our favorite comic, Brian Regan, coming to town.
Plus, we have all of the great discussion and clips about TV, movie reviews and the Pop Culture Confessional.

It's all inside...and waiting for you...

Show Links

This Week's Fun Commercial is brought to you by Alka-Seltzer. This commercial aired in 1965 and was so popular that it helped the music group the T-Bones break the top 100 on the Billboard Charts in 1966. Check out the video below...

Favorite Comedians
Brian Regan is one of our all-time favorite comics. He has started a new tour and is coming to San Diego in August. He also has a new special airing on Comedy Central on June 10th. Check out the Comedy Central website for details on Brian's tour, his new special and for video clips, including the clip we played on the show.

Jim Gaffigan is also a favorite. We played part of his routine on Cake. Check out the longer version at YouTube...

  • The Simpsons aired its 400th episode this season. Check out the Top 10 Reasons Why Homer Simpson Should be President...

  • The first season of Heroes has come to an end. Is Sylar really dead? What about the Petrelli brothers, did they blow up in space together? Catch up online and prepare for Book 2: Generations in the Fall.
  • Has 24 lost its edge? This season was a bit of a downer, but the producers are promising big changes for next season. You can read more about that over at CNN.
  • American Idol crowned its sixth season champ. Jordin Sparks, a 17 year old from Arizona, won the title. Check out video of the announcement and Jordin's performance.
  • Jericho finished out its first season on May 9th and was promptly canceled by CBS on May 16th. Fans of the show have cried foul and wonder if there will ever be closure. CBS made a statement that you can read at the Jericho Wiki and you can also check out the Nuts Campaign that fans have started to send tons of peanuts to the CBS offices in protest.
  • Friday Night Lights is coming back in the fall! NBC announced its renewal for a second season at the Network Upfronts in May.
  • On The Lot had a great beginning to its season this summer, but we are wondering if FOX will stop messing with the format of the show. You can catch up on episodes and see the movies created by up and coming directors at the show website.
  • The Next Best Thing started last week. The show is horrible, but there are some definite talents showing up.
All of the networks have announced their plans for the fall. Check out their plans below:

Shrek the Third followed Spider-Man 3 with its own HUGE opening. Jamie rated it a DVD RENTAL. Listen in to see how he ranks it compared to the first two movies. Also you can read about Shrek's record opening for an animated movie over at Yahoo.

Jamie also saw and reviewed Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It was overly long and kind of weird in spots, but he rates it a MATINEE PRICE movie and recommends you see it in the theaters.

We also reviewed DVDs of Babel, The Prestige and The Nativity Story.

Best of the Web
We found this very funny clip over at YouTube from The Conan O'Brien Show. Check out this commercial spoof of the Apple iPod and its many uses...

Pop Culture Confessional
This week: Is there a movie that you have not seen that surprises people?

Doug's confession: He has yet to see Casablanca...
Jamie's confession: He hasn't seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or The Blair Witch Project.

New question: What is your current iPod dirty little secret?
Call or write to us with your embarrassing confession about a song or podcast that you have on your iPod. We know you have them, now it's time to confess...

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