Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Summer...We're On Vacation!

Hey Summerhill Gang fans! As you've noticed, we have not up a new show for a few weeks. We are enjoying our summer here on Summerhill Drive, where temperatures are around 75 degrees and the skies have been pretty blue. If we go west we are at the beach, if we go east we are hiking in the mountains, if we go south we have the great city of San Diego and if we go north we are at Disneyland. We think it is the perfect place to be.

Because we are off enjoying our summer and vacation time with the family, we have taken a bit of a break from podcasting. Rest assured that we will put together a new show for you real soon. In fact, Show #20 should be out and available for your listening pleasure during the first few days of August.

We hope you are enjoying your summer as well.
Thanks for listening to the show!