Thursday, November 15, 2007

Show #23!

Crazy stuff has been happening here in Southern California! We've been a little delayed because of the wildfires that swept through the area, but we can't really blame all of the delay on a disaster, now can we? Yes, it's true, we have had trouble putting shows together on a regular bi-weekly basis, but we do have a new show ready for you. Check it out below!

Thanks to Kathleen in Macedonia for her e-mail which sparked conversation about Prison Break, Ninja Warrior Challenge, Don Henley and Baywatch and The Dukes of Hazzard as American exports.

Also, thanks go out to Kristen for calling in a review of Bee Movie.

We have a great Pop Culture Confessional this time...confessing our favorite TV shows when we were kids. Trevor left us a voicemail about his favorite shows...Inspector Gadget and the Care Bears!??!

It's Show #23 and it is all of the pop culture goodness your brain can handle...

Show Links

Find out more about the Ninja Warrior Challenge at the G4 website.

Watch ABC's Saturday Morning Preview from 1971 below:

  • Full episodes and deleted scenes of The Office are here. Read a recap of the episode "Branch Wars" over at TV Squad.
  • Clips of The Amazing Race and eliminated racers arriving at the Elimination Station are here. Also, check out TV Squad's take on the new season.
  • Find out more on Bionic Woman at NBC's website.
  • How much longer will we have new TV to watch? Read about the TV writer's strike in this CNN article.


Discussed in this show:

Pop Culture Confessional

This week's question is: What was your favorite TV show as a child?

Doug's confession: Scooby-Doo

Jamie's confession: H.R. Pufnstuf

AND Speed Racer

Check out a first look at the live-action Speed Racer movie over at YouTube.

Listener Confession: From Trevor in Northern California...
Inspector Gadget

AND The Care Bears (nice!)

New question: What is your favorite TV theme song?

Call or write to us with your confession about the TV theme song that sticks in your noggin'! Also, check out show #24 for a game where we try to guess the TV show by its theme song.

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