Monday, May 05, 2008

Show #29: Are We There Yet?

Hey everyone! Welcome to Show #29 of The Summerhill Gang. One of the most common things that parents hear on any road trip is "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer until we get there?" These questions usually pop up from the back of the vehicle after being on the road for 10-15 minutes. Jamie recently had experience with this and you can hear all about it in this show. Plus we have plenty of TV, new music from Lady Antebellum, movie reviews and our top 3 picks for movies released in 2007. Enjoy the fireworks...and...don't forget to turn out the lights!

Show Links

Remember when KFC was Kentucky Fried Chicken? Remember when it was "so nice to feel so good about a meal" from a fast food restaurant? It must have been the 80's...

Check out this classic commercial for Six Flags amusement parks...

  • LOST - It's back from a short hiatus. Check out the 2 minute "What?" video over at TV Squad.
  • American Idol - Idol Gives Back has raised over $65 million to date.
  • The Office - It is back and funnier than ever! Check out recaps over at TV Squad.
  • Samantha Who? - ABC's freshman comedy starring Christina it really that funny? Tell us what you think...
  • Scrubs - This is not the last season...apparently it is moving from NBC to ABC for next season.
Check out this clip of a human Space Invaders game...


Check out a great country rock band called Lady Antebellum. This trio has a rockin' sound with awesome harmonies. Their first single "Love Don't Live Here" was featured earlier this year on iTunes as a free single of the week.

Thanks for the recommendation, Jodie!

Charlton Heston passed away at age 84 on April 5, 2008. You can read about his passing at CNN. You can also watch clips of him in Ben Hur and Planet of the Apes over at YouTube.

Discussed in this show:

Best of the Web
Universal Studios is opening a new simulator ride at their amusement parks this year. It is based on the long running TV Show "The Simpsons". The park in Florida has already opened the ride and the park in Hollywood, CA will open the ride this summer. Check out more at The Simpsons Ride website.

Pop Culture Confessional

This week's question is: What was your favorite movie released in 2007?

Doug's Top 3:
  1. The Simpsons Movie
  2. The Bourne Ultimatum
  3. Ratatouille
Honorable Mention: I Am Legend

Jamie's Top 3:
  1. Ratatouille
  2. 3:10 to Yuma
  3. Enchanted

New question: What children's TV program are you embarrassed to say that you watch?

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