Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Summerhill Shuffle - Episode 29

Welcome to Episode 29 of The Summerhill Shuffle. As always, some great songs are lined up, including some new bands on the pop and folk rock scenes and some new music from a legendary artist. You can listen to the podcast on the right and check out the rest of the website below for videos and links to the artist's websites and Twitter feeds. Please leave us feedback and let us know what you think of the show!

Show Links

American Authors
Website =
Twitter = @aauthorsmusic
I played "Best Day of My Life" from the EP We Are American Authors.

Website =
Twitter = @CHRIS_Daughtry
I played "Waiting For Superman" from the album Baptized.

Bonus video: Chris singing with the PS22 Chorus...

Website =
Twitter = @BASTILLEdan
I played "Pompeii" from the Album Bad Blood.

Website =
Twitter = @Dawestheband
I played "Most People" from the Album Stories Don't End.

Bonus video: The Killers featuring Dawes on the (RED) benefit song, "Christmas in L.A."...

Paul McCartney
Website =
Twitter = @PaulMccartney
I played "Queenie Eye" from the Album NEW.

Classic Cut from: Paul McCartney
I played "The World Tonight" from the Album Flaming Pie.

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