Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Show #34: It's the New Fall Season, Part One

Did you know that it is the beginning of the new Fall TV Season? Wow, where did the summer go? The Summerhill Gang is diving into TV in this podcast, giving you the breakdown on all of the shows premiering and returning this Fall. In this first of two parts, we cover FOX, the CW and NBC. Check back here soon for coverage of ABC and CBS...

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Don LaFontaine, one of the most well-known voice-over artists, passed away at age 68 on 9/1/08. Here's Don in a Geico commercial...

Here's Don talking about how he got started...

Thanks to Tara for adding an Honorable Mention for Top Mascot Names:

Check out all of the Fall Premiere Dates over at TV Squad

The Random Top 5 List
Our Top 5 Supporting Characters on a TV Show...

Doug's Top 5
  1. Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer) on The Simpsons
  2. Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley) on Scrubs
  3. Krusty the Clown (Dan Castellaneta) on The Simpsons
  4. Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) on The Office
  5. J Peterman (John O’Hurley) on Seinfeld

Jamie's Top 5
  1. Norm Peterson (George Wendt) on Cheers
  2. John “The Biscuit” Cage (Peter MacNicol) on Ally McBeal
  3. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes (Jorge Garcia) on Lost
  4. Data (Brent Spiner) on Star Trek: The Next Generation
  5. Walter "Cockroach" Bradley (Carl Anthony Payne II) on The Cosby Show

Jackopierce is an acoustic, alt-country duo hailing from Dallas, Texas. Cary Pierce and Jack O'Neill joined forces in 1988 and toured extensively, eventually signing with A&M Records. The band broke up in 1997, Jack going on to perform in theater productions and Cary starting a record company and producing other artists. The two re-joined in 2002 for a few concerts and started putting together songs for a new CD. Promise of Summer was just released on September 9, 2008, the band's first studio album in 12 years. A certain magic happens when these two come together...great songwriting and excellent vocal harmonies...we think you will enjoy this new music from Jackopierce.

Pop Culture Confessional

This week's question is: What is your favorite sports-themed movie?

Doug's Confession:
Rudy (1993) starring Sean Astin.

Honorable Mentions: Hoosiers, Remember the Titans

Jamie's Confession:
Rocky (1976) starring Sylvester Stallone.

Honorable Mentions: Chariots of Fire, Field of Dreams, The Natural

Listener Confessions:

Jodie writes: "Does The Cutting Edge count as a sports movie?" You be the judge...

Josh writes: "Hoosiers...by far the best sports movie ever."

Jeff writes: "Field of Dreams is an easy first choice for me."

Christophe writes: "There are a ton of great sports movies to choose from, but The Sandlot is definitely my all time favorite."

Julie loved to watch Chariots of Fire, which she would always watch before cross country meets in high school to get "pumped up."

Trevor writes: "Ultimately, my favorite has to be Rudy. It's always easy to root for the underdog."

New question: What is your favorite product that has been discontinued?

Call or write to us and confess the movie that gets your competitive spirit going...

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